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Amboy Community Food Pantry
Amboy Community Food Pantry
Rita Holman, Executive Director
Email: Rita@AmboyCommunityFoodPantry.org
Website: www.amboycommunityfoodpantry.org

Amboy Community Food Pantry is a Christian Ministry offering assistance to families and individuals who need food.  All people are served by Christian volunteers and they are a 501 (c) (3) non profit.

The Food Pantry is 100% volunteer driven and they have no paid staff.  All food is bought from the Rice Depot and Arkansas Food Bank.  The free food they receive is from local Churches and Food Drives through various local schools.
Please consider Donating Food or making a Monitary Donation for this worthy cause. 
Their phone number is (501) 753-2777.

Click the YouTube Icon below to watch a short and informative Video.
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